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Planning the perfect road trip after 50

April 16, 2014

Summer is just around the corner. As the temperatures get higher, more seniors are looking for fun vacations to embark upon this season. Seniors looking for an unforgettable summer journey should consider road tripping with friends, whether they're venturing to the beach or to the big city in the next state over.

Road trips can be incredibly fun, but for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle for seniors, there are several ways to prepare prior to their journey. 

Take advantage of senior discounts
Seniors over 50 are eligible for a number of travel-related discounts, especially when it comes to traveling. Car rental agencies, for example, frequently offer significant reductions in price for older adults. Hertz offers several different perks for older drivers, including a free car upgrade, the option to save $5 per day and a blanket $10 off any vehicle. Budget also offers a senior discount to AARP members, providing drivers with 10-25 percent off their rentals, along with free liability insurance. 

Before selecting a car rental agency, seniors should explore their options and choose an agency that will be best-suited to fit their needs, whether it offers a discount or not.

Consider the essentials while driving
When embarking on a journey, it's wise to schedule frequent breaks to rest, stretch and use the restroom. Seniors should consider making a schedule for their adventure, taking time to pull over at least once per hour to conduct simple stretches, including arm, leg and neck exercises, to prevent stiffness or muscle cramping. 

Additionally, older adults should be sure to pack plenty of nutritious snacks and water for their adventure. Stopping for fast food may seem quick and cheap, but these foods, which are high in unhealthy content, can lead to drowsiness, energy loss and digestive issues on the road. Sticking to healthy alternatives, such as trail mix and homemade meals, is best.

Stay entertained during the journey
Whether seniors prefer audio tapes or the company of their peers, they should be sure to bring along plenty of entertainment for the trip. Driving can become exhausting, but the time flies by much faster when seniors have something or someone to interact with. Refrain from using mobile devices while driving by setting them up beforehand can be helpful for the journey. For example, creating a playlist on a music device can be a fun way to pass the time, but seniors should arrange the player before they start driving.