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Picture this: 5 art projects that showcase your favorite photos

October 24, 2014

Photos are a great way of reflecting on happy moments from your past. Chances are you already have a few of your favorites in frames throughout your home. However, there are many other ways of showcasing your pictures for all to see. Take them out of storage or print them out from your or a loved ones digital camera and create some of these arts and crafts. Theyre great activities for cold or rainy days, and they make creative gifts for the upcoming holidays. Plus, if youre new to independent living, these types of projects are the perfect ways to add some personal flair to your room.

1. Wall artIf youd like to make your favorite digital photo the focal piece of a room, follow these steps from arts and crafts blog Trendy Thrifting. First, choose the photo youd like and get it printed on a large sheet of paper. You can do this online or in-person at Staples or a similar store. Next, purchase a large foam board and cover it with your photo, using spray adhesive to keep it lying flat and even on the board. Tightly fold over the sides and secure with more adhesive, and voila! Youve just turned your favorite photo into a large canvas that you can hang wherever youd like.

2. Photo clothes lineFor those whod prefer to skip the digital step and work solely from photos that have already been developed, this is the perfect artistic activity. First, get a large wooden board or empty picture frame, several pieces of wire, a bag of wooden clothes pins and a stack of your favorite pictures. String the wire across the board or frame, secure in the back and repeat the process so you create a few rows of wire. Then, all you have to do is arrange your photos and attach them to the wire with the clothes pin. Tie a bow around the frame or decorate the board with paint, gems or other art to give it a unique touch.

3. Mason jar frameWhen you want a simple yet artistic way of showcasing your photos, try this trick that only involves your photos and one other item: mason jars. Purchase a dozen clear mason jars from the dollar store (or half a dozen, if youd rather fewer) and cut your photos to fit each one. When placing it inside, make sure it bends with the curve of the jar, and it will produce a magnifying effect that makes the project seem much more complicated than it actually is. Strategically place them throughout your home on bookshelves, nightstands and tables for a simple way to personalize your place.

4. Simple photo albumThis is a fun, relaxing activity to enjoy with a group of friends. Gather a stack of your favorite photos, either within a certain time frame or scattered over the years, depending on what youd like for the end result. Purchase a scrapbook or photo album from an arts and crafts store, and get to work! You can use fewer photos on each page and fill the white space with drawings or decorative stickers, or you can make each page a beautiful mess of overlapping photos. This is your album, so it can be whatever youd like. Theres no such thing as a wrong approach. If youre unhappy with how its turning out, you can always start over with new photos - its also a good idea to print duplicates of your favorite ones, in case this happens to you.

5. Personalized magnetsThe kitchen in your house gets a lot of traffic. Why not use the fridge to display your photos for all of your guests to see while they enjoy a nice meal? Purchase a set of plain, medium-sized magnets and glue. This project works best with smaller, wallet-sized photos, since youll be cutting them to fit the magnet. Take some of your photos that you dont mind ruining, and cut out your favorite part of each one and glue it to the magnet. Let each one dry completely before hanging on your fridge.