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Oak Crest Team Celebrates National Social Work Month

March 13, 2017

Happy National Social Work Month to our team at Oak Crest!

This year's theme is "Stand Up." Social workers stand up for millions of people each day. Nationally, they stand up by comforting people who are experiencing devastating illnesses and mental health crises, ensuring they get the best care while on the road to recovery. They stand up and support our brave military personnel, veterans and their families. They work in communities and with national, state and local government to provide services and pass legislation to stand with and help the most vulnerable.

And they stand up for residents in retirement communities, such as Oak Crest.

They may be in their office on the phone comforting and reassuring families when their loved ones are hospitalized. Or, they may be researching information on the computer to help connect residents to a local resource. They facilitate support groups on campus and meet with residents and their loved ones in their apartments to educate them about Advance Directives. They also meet with residents and families in Redwood Ridge, Garden Terrace and Nottingham Gardens to assure that they are being cared for and supported. Through the various educational programs, support groups and one-on-one meetings that the social workers provide across the continuum of care here at Oak Crest, they are standing up for the rights of our residents and helping them to navigate the challenges of aging.

We appreciate all our social workers do at Oak Crest to serve more than 2,100 residents!

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