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Oak Crest Team-Building Benefits Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County

July 29, 2016

Parkville, Maryland—For businesses, team-building activities take on a variety of forms, from zip-lining in a forest to playing paint ball in a themed-venue.  The activities seek to strengthen common purpose, leadership and communication among the team members.

The Executive Team of Oak Crest took it the extra step.  During an afternoon retreat on July 6, the department leadership of the Erickson Living retirement community chose an activity that helped a local charity.

They partnered with Team Building USA in its Bikes for Kids challenge.  As a result, three new, safety-inspected bicycles were donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County.

Mark Roussey is the Executive Director of Oak Crest.  He noted that the group first divided into teams of three.

"The teams had to tackle a series of challenges, negotiate with each other, align strategies and trade bicycle parts," described Mr. Roussey.  "It was a terrific experience, and I'd encourage other businesses to consider doing something similar."

The added value of performing an activity that benefitted others encouraged participation.

"We are blessed beyond measure with our families and our jobs at Oak Crest.  There are so many in need in and around the area that this opportunity stood out as a way to put our Erickson Living values into action," said Mr. Roussey.  "Many of our team members live in Harford County so we are familiar with the great work of the Boys & Girls Clubs."

Joseph McGovern, Executive Director, and Ashley Choate, Branch Director, were on hand to receive the completed bikes on behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Harford County.  More information about their organization can be found at

About Oak Crest:  Oak Crest is one of nineteen continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living.  Located in Parkville, Maryland the scenic 87-acre campus is home to more than 2,100 residents.  Oak Crest is the ideal greater Baltimore retirement destination offering a true sense of community, convenience beyond compare and a sensible financial structure. 

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