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A Fall Classic in Baltimore?

October 7, 2011

There was at the Home Run Derby at Oak Crest

PARKVILLE, MD---On a sunny, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky day, fall baseball returned to Baltimore on October 6th.  Ten residents of Oak Crest retirement community swung for the fences during their Home Run Derby competition, sponsored by the campus Fitness Center.
Each slugger received eight swings, taking aim at the bright orange fence that outlined the makeshift diamond at Town Center Field.
A few dozen home runs and an exciting three-round playoff for third place later, the champions were crowned.
Men's Division: (1) John Bennett, (2) Walt Stawinski, (3) Walt Ballesteros
Women's Division: (1) Jean Larum, (2) Marlene Fahey
The rest of the batters included Jim Fahey, Joe Gunzelman, E.J. Kaniecki, Andy Lioi and Bob Thuman.
"It was a day made for baseball," said Temica Carter, Wellness Manager at Oak Crest.  "Hats off to John and Jean for hitting the most home runs in their divisions, but truly, all of the residents are winners in my book for competing and having fun along the way.  We can't wait till next year!"