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An Easy Way to Move to Oak Crest

May 20, 2019

Parkville, Maryland--After 40 years, Kathleen Sergi's love affair with her five-bedroom, two-bath house in Towson, Maryland finally ended.

"I loved my house.  My husband and I had many blissful years there, but after he passed away it became more than I wanted to maintain.  I had to hire someone to mow the lawn and maintain the heating system.  I was tired of the upkeep and ready to move," describes Ms. Sergi, a retired Baltimore County teacher. 

Ms. Sergi began researching her options.  She toured a variety of retirement communities in the area, but it was Oak Crest, an 87-acre continuing care retirement community developed and managed by Erickson Living located in Parkville, that met her needs. 

"Oak Crest has all the levels of care on-site should I ever need them, and it was the only community where I wouldn't have to go outside to reach all of the amenities.  That appeals to me," says Ms. Sergi. 

Realty and Moving Services

A year after joining Oak Crest's priority list, in the fall of 2018, Ms. Sergi turned to Personal Moving Consultant Ashley Ruth and Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a network-wide program established to help people sell their houses quickly and move easily. 

"Ashley came to my house right after I joined the priority list and then again when it was closer to move time to help me plan what furniture I would bring and where it would go in my apartment," states Ms. Sergi. 

Mrs. Ruth provides in-home consultations to assess her client's specific needs.  During the initial consultation, she discusses the moving process, conducts a downsizing assessment and provides referrals to other moving professionals as needed. 

A Team of Experts

If desired, Mrs. Ruth connects homeowners with a preferred real estate agent who has a proven track record helping Oak Crest residents sell their houses.  The realtor provides a complimentary market analysis and offers advice on how to prepare the house for a successful sale.

"Our goal is to simplify every aspect of the moving process," says Mrs. Ruth. "Understanding the process that goes into selling a house and moving is vital.  It's especially important for anyone who has lived in their house for many years to be armed with the most up-to-date selling tools and practices.  The more obstacles we can eliminate, the sooner you can move and start enjoying your new home and this outstanding lifestyle."

Ms. Sergi used an Oak Crest preferred realtor and mover.  She was reimbursed for her moving expenses through Oak Crest's Move on Us program which refunds new residents up to $2,000 in expenses for using Erickson-preferred professionals. 

"The movers were great! They did everything for me," says Ms. Sergi. 

Lifestyle at Oak Crest

Any initial worries she had instantly vanished the moment she set foot in her new two-bedroom apartment with a balcony overlooking one of Oak Crest's beautiful courtyards.  This was a feature that important to not only her but her four-legged best friend, a sheltie named Casey. 

"I wanted a place for Casey to be able to go outside," notes Ms. Sergi. "We are on the sixth floor with a view of the trees."

Inside, she personalized her apartment with new light fixtures, upgraded Corian® countertops, and a custom-built corner table in her kitchen, under which is Casey's favorite napping spot.   

Since moving to Oak Crest, Ms. Sergi enjoys an active lifestyle.  She volunteers on campus, serving on the Welcome Committee and as a marketing ambassador helping at luncheons and open houses.  She also maintains her friendships back in Towson. 

"I couldn't have asked for anything better," says Ms. Sergi.  "The sales staff was great, and my family and friends were very supportive.  I'm extremely happy here.  I do all the same things now living at Oak Crest that I did before, but now I don't have to worry about what might happen in the future." 

About Oak Crest: Oak Crest, one of 20 continuing care retirement communities developed and managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 87-acre campus in Parkville, Maryland.  The not-for-profit community of more than 2,100 residents and 1,250 employees is governed by its own board of directors, affiliated with National Senior Campuses, who provide independent financial and operational oversight of Oak Crest.  Additional information can be found at