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Tech giant works on senior-specific smartphone

July 18, 2012

Recent Pew Research findings reveal that 46 percent of American adults are smartphone owners, and as seniors become more likely to own one as well, one Japanese company is looking to take advantage of the increasingly tech-literate senior population. The tech giant Fujitsu recently debuted a smartphone designed specifically for older adults, PC World reports.

Dubbed the F-12D, the phone includes a number of features that make it especially well-suited for elderly users. In particular, the phone includes a simplified Android interface with larger letters and numbers along with a uniquely-designed touch screen that will be easier for seniors to use.

"We developed a phone that will let customers step up from traditional feature phones," Fujitsu executive Nobuo Otani told reporters, according to the news source.

The key lies in the touch screen. Many seniors find it difficult to transfer from a traditional phone with physical keys to one without them. Fujitsu got around this by developing a screen that indents slightly when it's touched, which helps mimic the feel of real keys.

Targeting older adults is certainly a good idea, as they are more likely to make technology a part of senior living than ever before. A separate Pew study found that, for the first time, more than half of adults over 65 use the internet.