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Survey finds seniors quick to adopt use of tablets

July 3, 2012

A recent Pew Research survey found more than half of seniors are using the internet, and while it revealed that more older adults are embracing technology than ever before, it did not examine older adults' feelings about the latest devices and advancements. However, a newer study suggests older adults keep up with technology because they realize it can make their lives easier.

The survey was conducted by the software company Perion Network and targeted nearly 3,000 respondents 45 years or older. While about 88.5 percent of the respondents considered themselves slow to adopt new technology, the study also revealed around 79 percent find new devices fun and enjoyable.

Researchers also found that of all the latest gadgets, tablet computers such as the iPad were the most popular among older adults. Despite being relatively new, analysts say they're popular in the over-50 crowd because seniors recognize the potential benefits they hold for senior living.

"Tablets are easy to use and functional, so boomers, who are traditionally later adopters of technology, are amongst the early users," according to industry insider Adam Goodvach.

There are a number of distinct advantages that tablets such as the iPad offer seniors. Perhaps most importantly, it gives user the option to easily enlarge print, which will certainly be welcome for older adults whose vision may be impaired, Forbes reports.

Additionally, staying connected with friends and family members is important to many seniors living in retirement communities, and tablets offer them an easy way to do so without having to sit down at a computer. Reading and responding to emails and looking at family photo albums are all easy to do.