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Smartphones become more senior-friendly

February 27, 2014

Smartphones, such as iPhones and Androids, have become increasingly popular within the last several years for a number of reasons, from their ability to conveniently access the Internet to their storage capabilities that allow users to save large amounts of information. Seniors can benefit from owning this type of technology, whether they're downloading games to promote memory care or using smartphones to easily call family members. As this type of digital device becomes more readily available, companies have searched for ways to make it more accessible for people who are not technologically savvy.

Android launches app to make phone simpler
While smartphones may seem simple to some, others have a hard time navigating through the different screens. One mobile development company, UIU LTD., recently released a new app to make using Android phones easier for people who do not have much experience with this type of technology. The app, Wiser Simpler Launcher, changes a phone's display screen to make operating the phone more user-friendly, including making access to the dial screen, contacts, photographs and favorite pages easier. In a company press release, CEO Amir Kupervas said the app was released to cater to individuals who want smartphones, but may become easily confused by their operations.

"By focusing on non-tech savvy audiences, we can boost the applicability of a range of products available on smartphones, from eHealth to online education," Kupervas said. "Wiser Simpler Launcher overcomes a key barrier-to-entry for mobile devices by making them simpler, all while maintaining their key functionality."

Senior Housing News reported that the new app may be beneficial for seniors who do not have much experience with traditional mobile technology. Through customizing their screens and simplifying the means by which seniors can access their information, this app could help older adults with smartphones better understand digital devices.

iPhone 6 may be larger, easier to use
While the Wiser Simpler Launcher is only available for Android phones, iPhone users also have something to look forward to. The upcoming iPhone 6 may be larger, faster and feature a screen of a higher quality than the current version of the device, Business Insider reported. Although an official release date has not yet been set for the newest upgrade, its developing company, Apple, has leaked several features the device may feature. The news source predicts that the phone will use a new chip that will provide the fastest Wi-Fi service of any Apple product, including the iPad and iPod. Additionally, the source reported that the phone's screen will be made from next generation lighting materials, meaning that the display will have a much higher quality. These upgrades may increase user-friendliness for seniors, especially since the screen capabilities could make reading from and interacting with the phone much easier.