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Smartphone buying tips for seniors

July 30, 2012

Recent findings from the Pew Research Center found that as many as 69 percent of adults over 65 have a mobile phone, up significantly from just two years ago. Many of them may be looking to upgrade to a smartphone, but the devices are much different than the flip phone they may be used to. According to PC Advisor, there are several things a senior looking to buy a smartphone should take into consideration when making the purchase.

Perhaps the most important thing for seniors to look into when purchasing a smartphone is whether or not it has a simple interface. While it lets users access the internet, listen to music and organize their plans, the fact remains it's a phone first. So seniors should make sure their prospective purchase has easy-to-locate call functions, address books and settings such as ringtones, alarms and other useful options.

Seniors should also be looking for a smartphone with a large screen, the publication advises. The good news is many devices come with large displays that can make it easier for older adults whose eyesight may not be as good as it once was. In a similar vein, they should make sure it is easy to carry with them, so a thin, lightweight design is a must.

Finding a smartphone can offer seniors many different benefits. Aside from letting them check Facebook or listen to music, there are a number of apps that can help them enjoy senior living even more. Specifically, pharmacy apps allow seniors to stay on top of medication, while banking apps can let them stay on top of their retirement savings.