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Smartphone app helps seniors meet new people

September 23, 2014

If you're looking for a hip way to meet new people, you might not need to look further than the palm of your hand. There's a recently released mobile app called Stitch that connects seniors with their peers based on common interests and geography, and it could be just what you're looking for when you want to try something different. The app could provide an array of benefits for those who use it. In addition to the obvious emotional perks of friendship that the technology could bring, it could also improve physical health. A study from Wichita State University found that older adults who regularly use technology are healthier and report less feelings of loneliness and isolation. Downloading the app could be a fun, effective way of feeling happier and expanding your social circle.

Features of the appStitch provides a way for you to meet others outside of your everyday life, even if you already live in an active, independent living community with many opportunities to meet new people. You could meet other local people who you otherwise may not have come across. Although some may immediately consider it to be merely a dating app for seniors, Stitch creator Andrew Dowling told The Atlantic that it's a lot more than that. 

"There needs to be an easier way to meet new companions, no matter how old you are," Dowling told the news source. "As one of our users said to us, 'I kept trying online dating sites because I didn't have any other options.' We'd like to be that other option." 

The product's website noted that seniors can use the app to find everyone from a new dinner date to a travel companion to a love interest. It can be made into whatever the user wants it to be - and if they're looking for a dating app, then it can be used for that.

Safety and pricingOnline safety is always a concern for users, whether they're brand new to technology or seasoned professionals. Stitch comes equipped with services that help ensure users are who they say they are. Upon registering, a name and address check is performed on each user. If you'd like added security, you can upgrade to a different package that includes background checks, identifications and additional fees.

The pricing model, much like the purpose of the app, varies based on your preferences. While there's a free version, there are also other packages that cost $9 and $19 each month, and provide you with the ability to view more profiles and contact users through the app.