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Seniors demand tech-friendly amenities

May 31, 2013

The latest technology has become an increasingly important aspect of senior living, and as a result, many retirement communities are working to ensure their elderly residents are as connected as possible. Aside from helping older adults stay in touch to family and friends, tech trends such as social media and smartphones have also played an integral role in how they receive care, according to Senior Housing News.

Caremerge is among the latest developments created in an effort to improve senior care. Specifically, the program makes the process of delivering medical records and updates easier, which not only improves the level of care seniors receive but also keeps them more in the loop. Given that technology has grown to play such an important part of senior living, it's no wonder that they want it to play a role in healthcare.

"We're seeing that trend and requirement," Caremerge founder and CEO Asif Khan told the news source. "They want to have control, just like they can watch movies, deposit a check, balance accounts…the most important piece is their health. We're centralizing it for them, so they can own it."

Recent studies have shed light on just how many seniors are adopting the latest technological advancements. According to a Koeppel Direct study, more than two-thirds of adults 50 and older make purchases online, while the same group is the fastest growing demographic on the Internet.