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Senior-specific smartphone puts emphasis on health

September 30, 2013

The use of mobile phones has become a staple of senior living. In fact, a 2011 study from Nielsen found that adults between 55 and 64 are the fastest growing segment of smartphone users. Despite the growing prevalence of the latest technology among the senior population, there are only a small number of phones that are created especially for them. One of the most popular, the Jitterbug, recently announced new features that will make it even better suited for older adults. 

While the Jitterbug, which is offered by GreatCall, Inc., can help seniors stay in touch with friends and family members, its new features might have an impact on healthy aging. Specifically, the phone is outfitted with a plan that allows users to get in touch with live nurses and doctors, a medical alert system and a program that allows for easier medication management. Furthermore, brain games, daily health tips and wellness calls can make it easier for older users to follow a healthy lifestyle for seniors

"Consumerization of healthcare is the future," said David Inns, CEO at GreatCall. "With these affordable plans, we are putting a simple but powerful health and safety device in the palm of our customers' hands, allowing them to better maintain their overall health, safety and independence themselves."

The latest offering from GreatCall is indicative of the growing role that technology plays in healthy senior living. Earlier this year, researchers from North Carolina State University found that older adults who play video games experience higher levels of emotional well-being, according to findings published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.