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November 30, 2012

YouTube Video Captures Santa Adjusting to New Life and Surroundings  

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- November 29, 2012 -- After hundreds of years of hard work, Santa Claus has decided to hang up his jingle bells, park his reindeer, close the woodshop and retire.  Old St. Nick sold his North Pole residence, downsized and moved into retirement paradise at an Erickson Living community, where he is experiencing life as never before.       
In a new candid video chronicling his retirement experiences, Santa's up close and personal moments with neighbors are captured as never before.   While he may have been looking forward to his retirement years, the man in the red suit is shown to be having trouble adapting to life below the North Pole. 

"While we are thrilled to have one of the world's most iconic figures here on campus, there are issues that still need to be resolved" said resident Marian Ellis.  "For example, when he isn't gobbling up all the cookies on campus, he's letting his reindeer run wild.  And if that's not bad enough, Santa's retirement threatens to put an end to the holiday season as we know it!"   
Click here to enjoy the video featuring actual resident actors who Save the Day.
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Erickson Living wishes a happy and safe holiday season to you and yours!