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How to feel great in your clothes

November 18, 2014

Some people may believe the misconception that women over 60 years old prioritize function over form when it comes to their wardrobes. However, there are plenty of ways older women embrace their inner fashionistas and express their personal style with sharp outfits.

As you age, your body goes through physical changes that involve your skin, muscle and fat. Just because your figure has experienced a transition, that doesn't mean you should abandon fashion. Instead, shop for the clothes that fit you and show off the features that you like most about yourself.

Before we delve into a few tips for choosing a new outfit, it's important to mention the value of a tailor. While you continue on your path of healthy aging, it might be beneficial to buyfewer clothes and have them fitted to your body. It's more rewarding to spend your money on a collection of well-made clothes that are tailored perfectly instead of buying a bunch of outfits that you feel mediocre in.

Where people are going wrong
Margaret Manning of Sixty and Me wrote a piece for The Huffington Post about the most common views on fashion for women over 60 - and none of them are entirely accurate. 

It's not unheard of for older woman to talk about how they don't care about how they dress or what people think of their appearance. Manning explains how this is a natural and valid frame of mind. Perhaps women spent decades dressing in formal clothes for work and now that they're retired, there's no desire to wear anything besides the comfiest outfits. If that sounds like you, keep wearing what you love and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Additionally, people might assume that being fashionable as an older woman means indulging in brand names. This is also false, especially because you can often find much more affordable variations of the same styles in other stores. When it comes to choosing new clothes that make you feel fabulous, Manning suggested paying more attention to how the clothes fit you and feel overall than to the label. This will help you to enjoy the fashionable additions to your wardrobe.

Where you can go right
As you update your selection of clothes, think about shopping for your body type rather than your age. Your ideal purchases should take into account the cut of the clothes, the fabric they're made of and the shades that flatter your figure the most.

There are a few suggestions for finding your new favorite outfit based on the shape of your body, as described on Sixty and Me. Petite women look great in dresses, as well as clothes that are tailored to their tiny frames. Baggy clothes can overwhelm women who are smaller, rather than draw attention to their beauty. One benefit of being petite is you can often find outfits in your size that won't need tailoring. 

Women with pear-shaped figures will have the best luck with two-piece outfits, as dresses may need to be tailored. Skirts or pants with tops are easy to wear if you have this body type, because you can get the correct sizes that reflect your curves. The source warned against wearing leggings if you don't want to highlight your voluptuous form, because the spandex material is bound accentuate the pear shape.

For women with the opposite dimensions - your shoulders being the broadest part of your body - you may need dresses tailored to get the best fit. If you don't want to go through the mending process, shop for two-piece outfits like women with pear-shaped figures because you can mix and match sizes.