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5 useful and fun smartphone apps to download

July 21, 2015

Whether youre looking to stay up to date with world news or want to challenge long-distance relatives to a game, smartphone applications have got you covered. In fact, apps are so advanced nowadays that theyre even capable of assisting users in managing their health. If you have a smartphone or are planning on investing in one soon, consider downloading these five apps.

1. iBook
For all of the avid readers out there, the iBook may be just what youre looking for. Although you need an iPhone to download iBook, the app is free and included on Macs and other Apple devices. It gives users access to millions of books, from the most timeless titles to the newest best sellers. Once youve chosen a novel to enjoy, youll have it stored in your phone for whenever you want to read it. Just swipe two fingers to turn pages and alter the font size to meet your needs. 

If the app interests you but you dont have an iPhone, try the Kindle app, which works with other smartphones and has an even larger library of books to select from. The majority of the novels are affordable as well, with many titles available through Amazon for under $10.

Have all of your favorite novels on hand with the iBook and Kindle apps.

2. Digifit iCardio
A large part of healthy aging is keeping track of essential factors like heart health, blood pressure and weight. Digifit iCardio is ideal for those who want to manage these aspects of their well-being. It motivates users to stay physically active by integrating with music sites to create adrenaline-pumping soundtracks for your workouts. The app enables you to see your results with its real-time charting program and stores health data like blood pressure, calories burned and sleep information, giving you control over essential aspects of your health. Digifit iCardio is available for free on all smartphones.

"Scrabble enthusiasts will love Words With Friends. "

3. Words With Friends
Scrabble enthusiasts will love Words With Friends. Invite friends, family members or fellow word lovers from around the world to play a friendly game after downloading the app for free on your smartphone. This is a great way to keep your mind stimulated and refresh your memory with relevant vocabulary words and definitions. You can even keep track of your score and progress with detailed reports or make new friends with the apps chat feature. 

4. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner
If youre residing in an independent living community and are responsible for making your meals, considering straying from your usual choices and experimenting with other healthy dishes. Some of the countrys finest home chefs submit their original recipes or twists on popular dishes to the AllRecipes Dinner Spinner app. Search by recipe and find step-by-step videos and full instructions to make cooking up a new meal easy and fun. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is free for all smartphones.

AARP provides users with the latest news on topics like how to save money. It also has retirement advice and suggestions on how to manage finances. Smartphone users who frequently visit the AARP website will love the easy-to-use app that combines the best of the website and magazine into one convenient spot. NPR is another app that provides people with news stories and radio broadcasts. Like AARPs app, the mobile-friendly NPR version is free of charge on all smartphones.