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4 inspiring movies all older adults should watch

July 16, 2015

One aspect of healthy aging for older adults is staying emotionally and socially engaged. Realizing that your best days arent behind you and that there is still a lot to do and learn is key to a happy and fulfilling life. However, you may occasionally need some inspiration.

Turn to some of Hollywoods biggest films to see some of the industrys most energetic, determined and witty seniors. Here are a few movies that feature some of the industrys most talented stars and show that lifes possibilities know no age.

1. My Old Lady
Who doesnt love a classic Maggie Smith film? Whether youre watching her light up the screen as Desdemona in "Othello" or chastise the wizzarding class at Hogwarts, Smiths characters are often a fine example of someone who knows how to age with attitude. She doesnt disappoint in one of her most recent movie appearances as Mathilde Girard in the 2014 film "My Old Lady."

When a New Yorker, played by Kevin Kline, tries to move into a luxurious Paris apartment that he inherited from his family, he finds that 92-year-old Girard has already set up shop. Harnessing her usual fiery attitude, she refuses to leave when Kline tries to sell the place, throwing around one clever comment after another and living by the motto that she announces early in the film: "Subtlety is not something that interests me." Watch "My Old Lady" to see what it means to age fearlessly.

Check out these films on the next rainy day with your loved one.

3. Still Alice
More than 5.3 million Americans currently experience Alzheimers disease, and most others know someone who has been affected by the condition. "Still Alice" gives a rare and emotional inside look into what its like to be diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimers.

Alice, played by Julianne Moore, is a renowned linguistics professor at Columbia University when she begins to have trouble remembering things. The film follows her three children as they do their best to care for their mother. "Still Alice" may be an emotional ride, but its one thats worth taking, no matter your age. Its a reminder that life after 50 is a time to do what youre passionate about and spend time with loved ones. 

"Still Alice is a reminder to do what youre passionate about."

4. St. Vincent
Bill Murray plays an inspiring, brave man, Vincent McKenna, whos survived more than the eye can tell. He appears to be the stereotypical grouchy old man until hes asked to babysit his 11-year-old neighbor. His true character is revealed as he reluctantly learns to care for the boy every day after school, taking his new friend along with him on weekly visits to a memory care facility. Viewers see the kind and strong interior underneath the rough demeanor that had previously defined him throughout the movie, proving that everyone has a story, but that the past doesnt define you. Watch Bill Murray deliver a touching and funny performance as he figures out how to handle the aging process and goes through many emotions that people of all ages can relate to. 

5. About Schmidt
Many older adults know what its like to adapt to life after retirement. Watch Jack Nicholson play Warren Schmidt, who spends a good deal of the film searching for the meaning of life after he retires from his job as an insurance worker. Its an emotional tale with comic twists as Schmidt attempts to stop his daughter from marrying someone he knows isnt right for her and copes with the loss of his wife. After these life-changing events, he decides to start making a difference in the lives of his family and friends and tries to right the wrongs he made in the past. 

Whether youre looking for an emotional rollercoaster or a funny film that celebrates aging, these movies provide an inside look into the experiences, hardships and achievements that people often face. You may find that watching others strive to reach their goals and refuse to let aging get in the way of their lives is the push you need to start living yours to the fullest.