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3 reasons to join Pinterest

January 20, 2015

Reports about the benefits of joining social media websites for older adults have been cropping up for the past few years, and many people  consider Facebook  to be the best option. However, other popular sites allow you to engage with people around the world in even more ways. You can discover new interests and find endless sources of entertainment on the Web with another online account.

According to a recent study from the Pew Research Center, Facebook still has the largest population of users, but its growth has begun to slow. At the same time, sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are garnering more participants at a rapid pace. While we've discussed the advantages of signing up for Twitter, you can reap additional benefits from joining the website for digital bulletin boards - Pinterest.

"Sites such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are garnering participants at a rapid pace."

People who already have Facebook profiles are able to sign up for Pinterest with one easy step, and even if this is your first foray into social media, all you need is an email address to join. Posts are added by both individuals and businesses who have something to share. It's a visually stimulating website in that each pin has a photo, which can then connect you to the original source of the information, whether it's a formal publication or lifestyle blog.  

Consider the following three reasons to join Pinterest as you browse the Web.

1. Collect information that you want to reference again, sans household clutter
Say goodbye to the stacks of magazines and newspaper clippings on your desk that you're saving for future reference. With Pinterest, you can create virtual bulletin boards where information that interests you is organized by topic. There's no limit to the number of pins you add to your profile, meaning you have boundless resources at your fingertips.

2. Connect with people who share your interests and hobbies
Do you collect stamps but miss sharing new conquests with a friend who moved away? Or perhaps you'd like to engage with other collectors to find certain stamps and continue learning about the hobby. Regardless of your particular passion, there are pins out there for you to explore. And if there aren't, you can post your own and seek other aficionados out.

Start searching for your newest online connection.

3. Explore a vast range of topics - there's something for everyone

  • Exercise: Find workouts that are tailored to promote a healthy lifestyle for seniors without putting too much strain on muscles and joints. There are pins that can lead you to medical sites so you know the exercise advice is sound, plus videos of fitness routines for guidance.
  • Crafts: Whether you want to craft a new decoration for your living room or play with art when your grandkids visit, Pinterest can supply you with a litany of do-it-yourself tutorials and instructions.
  • Recipes: Forget about those old cookbooks and start pinning recipes that entice you. Search for dishes that take under 30 minutes, sugar-free desserts and more on Pinterest.
  • Book recommendations: You don't have to wait for Oprah's next book club list or a suggestion from a friend to find your next great read. Pinterest boards that focus on various genres of books, movies and shows allow you to discover a larger selection of media that pertains to your specific interests. 
  • Online shopping: If you're looking for a new black jacket online, you might search four or five websites to compare styles and prices. With Pinterest, you can search for coats that are posted by an array of stores and blogs to find more options than a traditional search would yield.