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New streaming service from Warner Bros. ideal for the classic movie buff

April 5, 2013

Everyone's had that itch to watch their favorite show from decades ago, yet despite the advent of many streaming services, older TV programs can be hard to find. However, a new option offered by Warner Bros. offers residents at retirement communities and elsewhere the chance to see hit shows and movies from a bygone era. The recently launched Warner Archive Instant lets you watch content from the 1920s through the 1990s, and was made available for just $10 a month, CNN reports.

The unique service differs from popular options such as Hulu and Netflix, which tend to place an emphasis on more current, contemporary content, and if you're looking for the rare 1921 adaptation of "The Scarlett Letter" or the 1970 John Wayne classic "Chisum," it may be one of the few places you can find them. There are currently about 100 titles available through Warner Archive Instant, which you can stream on your computer or TV if you have a Roku player, but company officials expect they will be regularly adding more. The most appealing part? Much of Warner's content is exclusively owned by the company.

"We're appealing to an aficionado audience, not the Netflix consumer," a Warner spokesperson told "These are fans of classic movies from the '40s and '50s."

Warner Archive Instant is just the latest technological advancement that appeals largely to the senior population. Today, there are numerous smartphone and tablet apps that can help with everything from healthy senior living to mental stimulation. For instance, programs such as MedWatcher can assist with medication management, while popular apps such as Words With Friends can not only help you stay mentally sharp, but also keep in touch with your loved ones.