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Must-see movies for seniors this fall

August 22, 2013

Once Labor Day rolls around, serious Oscar-worthy films start hitting the silver screen. This fall is shaping up to be a good one for movie lovers. There are a number of films that may be especially engaging for the senior cinephile. Some of these films challenge stereotypes about seniors and senior living. Others simply appeal to the senior audience, which is far-too-often overlooked.

'Good Ol' Freda'
They're unquestionably the most popular rock band of all time, but only the most ardent fans of The Beatles are likely familiar with the story of Freda Kelly, the band's longtime secretary. Freda was there from the very beginning, when The Beatles were just a small band touring in Liverpool. Eventually, she rose the ranks from fan club founder to secretary and was one of the band's most trusted and loyal employees. Not only does this documentary, which is released Sept. 6, tell a largely untold story, it also offers glimpses into rare footage of the Fab Four. 

'Romeo and Juliet'
Although it may seem like Hollywood doesn't need yet another adaptation of the Shakespearean classic, the latest version, which is set for release Oct. 11, may be worth a watch. The film already opened in the UK and was penned by Julian Fellowes, who created the hit PBS show "Downton Abbey." The movie stars Hailee Steinfeld - who earned an Oscar nomination for "True Grit" - as Juliet, and also features performances by Paul Giamatti and Stellan Skarsgard. 

'All is Lost'
It's been a long time since Robert Redford got the chance to shine on the big screen. Over the last decade he's focused more on directing, but "All Is Lost," which is slated for release Oct. 18, may earn him his first Oscar nomination since 1994, when he was given a nod for Best Director for the modern classic "Quiz Show." The film, directed by J.C. Chandor, contains almost no dialogue, and Redford is the only cast member. He stars as a man lost at sea as he struggles to survive. For fans of the legendary 77-year-old actor, this gripping film is definitely a must see.