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Moving to a smaller home often fits active retirement model

November 14, 2012

Older adults approaching retirement often have a choice to make. They must decide whether they want to stay in their home or move to something more suitable to their active retirement lifestyle. Many seniors have chosen the latter, finding that a smaller residence in a retirement community is the perfect way to enjoy their golden years, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

This was the path recently taken by John and Patti Jugenheimer, a married couple in their 60s. They have made staying physically fit a cornerstone of their lifestyle, and decided to downsize from their expansive five-bedroom home to an active adult community that was more appropriate for their lifestyle.

"John plays softball. We play bocce ball. We run. We use the indoor/outdoor pool. I do a Bible study. And we take advantage of all of the social activities - the dances, the entertainment, the trivia nights," Patti told the newspaper. "We do a lot of home entertaining."

The Jugenheimers epitomize the shifting perception of retirement, a trend which is indicative of how retirement communities have changed in recent years. For example, niche retirement communities, some of which are a located on or near college campuses, have become more common in recent years, according to CNBC.