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Money-saving tips for senior travel

July 19, 2012

Whether it be in the form of playing sports or going back to school, today's seniors are much more active than in generations past. Additionally, many seniors enjoy traveling now that they have the free time to visit places they never got to before. In fact, according to Senior Living magazine, more than 81 million older adults are planning on traveling next year.

Although they have the time, some seniors look to save money when they take a trip to cut down on the retirement cost of living, and The Seattle Times recently offered a few tips on how to do just that.

Senior discounts extend past much more than just getting a free cup of coffee or reduced greens fees at the golf club - they can also save older adults considerable cash when on vacation. According to the newspaper, an AARP membership can save money on everything from hotels to transportation.

Picking the right time of the year to take a trip can also cut expenses. Travel expert Evelyn Hannon, 72, says that traveling during shoulder seasons, right before and after the busiest months, is a good idea because travelers can take advantage of reduced rates.

What seniors do on their trip may also save money. For instance, a number of older adults opt to travel with volunteer organizations. Not only do they get to save money, they also can give back to the community.