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Money magazine releases list of top retirement spots

October 29, 2013

Deciding where to retire can be a difficult choice to make. There are many factors to take into consideration, ranging from climate and local atmosphere to a city's taxes and cost of living. While there are no set qualifications for what makes a certain destination the best place to retire, there are some cities that have proven to be particularly well-suited to senior living, and Money magazine recently released its list of the top spots to retire in the United States.

Colorado Springs
Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs earned praise from retirement experts for a number of reasons. Most notably, they cited the city's proximity to numerous parks and trials, making it an ideal spot for active seniors. Exercise is not the only reason why moving to Colorado retirement communities might be a smart idea for older adults. Colorado Springs has a thriving cultural scene and easy access to the University of Colorado's Memorial Hospital. The cost of living is slightly below the national average as well, according to the publication. 

Norfolk, Va.
The Virginia coast is home to some of the most beautiful seaside scenery in the country, which is part of the reason why Norfolk made the list of best spots to retire. The mid-size city of about 245,800, approximately 25 percent of which is over 50, has plenty of beaches, delicious seafood and is just a short distance from the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia retirement communities are also an attractive option because of the many opportunities for cultural enrichment and mental stimulation. The Chrysler Museum of Art is among the best in the country and the Virginia Opera is located in the city as well. 

Pittsburgh, Penn.
This former industrial city has seen the number of residents of all ages increase significantly in recent years, and there was a 9 percent jump in transplants during 2012. Approximately 33 percent of the city's population is over 50, and there's good reason for it - there is certainly no lack of things to do. Seniors looking to stay physically active can head to Frick Park. The largest park in the city, this destination offers seniors the chance to simply stroll through the beautiful scenery or hit the bowling green or tennis courts.