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Mid-South becomes popular retirement spot

October 25, 2012

Florida and Arizona have long been popular choices for retirees looking to relocate, but more recently older adults have been heading to other states. Specifically, mid-South states - such as Virginia and Maryland - have become some of the fastest-rising retirement destinations for adults 65 and older, The New York Times reports.

Much of the reason for the northward trend has to do with the fact that retirees are looking for more than just warm weather. Healthcare and recreation are both important, and some older adults place a premium on living in retirement communities near college towns so they can continue their education.

"I love living in college towns. This way, I get the arts and culture and avoid a bit of the snow," Virginia Magada, who relocated to the mid-South, told the Times. "I know I will miss where I grew up and lived my whole life, but this is a good substitute."

The trend was reflected in recent research from, which compiled its list of the best places to retire. Taking everything from cost of living to life expectancy for seniors into consideration, the website placed Virginia in the fifth spot.