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No Need to Wait to Enjoy Carefree Retirement

August 9, 2018

Maris Grove residents are thrilled they moved to campus earlier than expected.

John and Carol Broadrick loved their 2,800 square-foot home in the beach resort area of Lewes, Delaware. But as the grandkids grew up and visited less often, and a replacement roof loomed in their future, they began to think about trading home maintenance responsibilities for carefree living at a retirement community "in about two years."

"We kept saying, 'in the future, in the future,'" says Carol.

Then friends announced they'd joined the priority list at Maris Grove, Erickson Living's retirement community in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Two of Carol's cousins already lived there. So the Broadricks toured the campus. And then they joined the list. They liked the idea of returning to the area where they had a home before retiring to Lewes, Delaware. John worked as an aircraft mechanic for Eastern Airlines, and then for Boeing.  Carol was an elementary school teacher in the Ridley School District.

Later, at a priority list event, they met other prospective residents and scheduled a home visit from Maris Grove's personal moving consultant. When the consultant saw the Broadricks' open floor plan, she knew exactly how they liked to live. And she had an available Hadley apartment home she thought they would love.

The one-bedroom Hadley floor style boasts large windows and an open layout that expands its already spacious interior. Carol had wanted a two-bedroom floor plan and a patio. And because her passion is cooking—bread baking, in particular—a big kitchen was imperative. Still, the Broadricks toured the Hadley apartment.

"As soon as we saw it," says John, "it hit us like a cold blast of air on a hot day. This was it!"

While the apartment lacked a patio and second bedroom, it featured a large, trend-setting cook's kitchen with upscale finishes throughout. The Broadricks reserved it on the spot. Suddenly, moving evolved from a nebulous future idea to a concrete goal.

"Everything came together," Carol says. "It felt real. It felt right."  She and John moved just three months later. "We went on our intuition of what would make us happy," Carol says, "and we've not regretted it for an instant."

The apartment wasn't the only thing spurring the Broadricks' decision. They'd both been caregivers for their mothers and wanted to spare their three daughters that responsibility.

"Should Carol or John's health needs change," says Sales Director Liz Harrington, "Maris Grove assures continuing care right on campus."

John's daughter told him the decision to move early was the right one: "You're moving at a younger age when you can enjoy life instead of waiting until one of you has a medical issue."

The Broadricks enjoy Maris Grove so much they skipped their February Florida trip in favor of campus activities.

And because Maris Grove's internal circuit of climate-controlled hallways and bridges connects all the buildings, the harsh winter weather didn't affect their lifestyle one bit.

John, who has a passion for walking Maris Grove's verdant and beautifully landscaped grounds, simply logged his average three miles a day inside. "I did my walking before most residents were up," he says. "In spring I started walking outside again."

The Broadricks moved into the community's new third neighborhood, Redwood Commons, with a large group of new residents all looking to make friends.

"Everything you do here you make new friends," says Carol. "It happens all across campus. You meet people in the elevator and start a conversation. You look lost, and people ask if they can help. And dinners in Maris Grove restaurants are big social events."

She and John spend time in every neighborhood pursuing individual interests. Together, they square dance.

"Maris Grove is even better than I thought," Carol says. "It's normal life, but with less work and more time to enjoy yourself."

"It gets better every day," says John.

"Many of our residents have made the same choice as Carol and John," says Harrington. "Now is the perfect time to move to Maris Grove and enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle with a full complement of on-site amenities and services, including dining, activities, fitness, shopping, banking, pool, trips, and more."

Photo: In the kitchen of their home at Maris Grove, Carol Broadrick, whose passion is bread baking, displays a fresh-from-the-oven challah loaf. Her husband, John, eagerly awaits a sample.

Photo credit: Bob Welsh

Story written by Jacqueline Kimball