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Moving ahead safely during Covid-19

August 20, 2020

Couple is happy they didn't wait to move to Maris Grove

Spring is typically the best time to sell your home, and this past season was no exception. Low interest rates enticed buyers, creating opportunities for quick sales at high prices. Even COVID-19 couldn't turn away those motivated buyers.

Despite the restrictions on in-person home sales, the real estate market remained strong, prompting many seniors to sell. Michael and Judy Burgstein, residents of Maris Grove, the Erickson Living-managed senior living community in Glen Mills, Pa., were among them. The Kennett Square house they enjoyed for 40 years sold in just 36 hours.

"We didn't choose the timing, but we had to move, COVID-19 or not," says Judy. To expedite the process, the couple used Wayforth, Maris Grove's preferred downsizing, packing, and moving specialist.

"They packed us up on April 13 and moved us to Maris Grove on April 14. They wore masks and took every safety precaution," she says. "They did a good job for us."

The Burgsteins chose Maris Grove because they wanted to remain in the area and had friends already living in the community. Judy says with a smile, "Mike was with DuPont for a thousand years, and I was the general manager of 23 offices for one of Philadelphia's largest travel agencies. We visited Maris Grove, saw the active lifestyle, and thought it seemed like a really good place to live."

A safe new place

Of course, things were much quieter when the Burgsteins moved in. The governor had imposed the stay-home order, so the campus activities transitioned to mostly televised or physically distant versions.

Still, the couple appreciated everything Maris Grove did to keep everyone safe, especially the meal delivery and concierge service. "It's a very safe place to be," Judy says. "We're concerned about the pandemic, of course, but we're not getting crazy. They're doing everything they can here, and we go to the store with our masks, wipes, and sanitizer. We have to make the best of it."

She adds, "Mike and I are independent. We walk outside and have met people from a safe distance. We're very happy to be living in a beautiful home, all on one floor, in such a lovely community."

Maris Grove's Sales Director Liz Harrington observes that many prospective residents were optimistic about moving in during COVID-19, because they felt that being in the community was safer than staying home alone.

"They saw how well-prepared we were and didn't want to be isolated in their homes, especially if they didn't have family close by," she says.

"Our dining team delivered meals, and the concierges brought packages and supplies so residents didn't have to go out. Our TV station kept everyone informed, connected, and entertained with special programming. We limited access to essential vendors and checked temperatures at the entrance. On-campus healthcare was available via telemedicine. For their own safety and peace of mind, new community members preferred to be here."

Since the Burgsteins moved in April, some restrictions have eased: Healthy visitors are allowed on campus, and many amenities have reopened, including the resident gardening area, walking paths and nature trails, putting green, bocce courts, marketplace, pharmacy, library, fitness and aquatics center, salon, and more.

The couple is content with the pace, and say that overseas travel is what they miss most. Mike was born in Vienna; every year for decades, they visited his homeland, plus one other European destination.

"Travel is our passion," says Judy. "We can't wait to start again."

Until then, they are enjoying their new home at Maris Grove and taking each day as it comes. Their advice? "Don't wait if you're thinking of moving. This is a safe, beautiful community, and you can have a wonderful life here, COVID-19 or not," says Judy.

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About Maris Grove: Maris Grove, one of 20 continuing care retirement communities developed and managed by Erickson Living®, is situated on a scenic 87-acre campus in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. The not-for-profit community of more than 1,900 residents and 1,000 employees is governed by its own board of directors, affiliated with National Senior Campuses, who provide independent financial and operational oversight of the community. Additional information about Maris Grove can be found at

Written by Dorrie Anshel