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Longtime couple reunited with lost love letters

January 11, 2013

Love letters may seem like a thing of the past, but for Lloyd and Marian Michael, their back and forth correspondence during his deployment in World War II were some of their most cherished possessions. So when the love notes were stolen from a locked trunk more than 40 years ago, it's easy to imagine their dismay. However, after decades of being without them, the couple recently had the letters returned, reports California's Daily Bulletin.

The couple married in 1942, and had sent letters back and forth since they began dating in college. The correspondence continued during the war, providing the Michaels with hundreds of mementos from the earliest days of their relationship. They have all been lost since the 1972 robbery, but late last year they got a call that threw an unexpected twist in their comfortable life - someone had their letters.

"It was a hell of a surprise," Lloyd told the newspaper. "The gentleman had traced me down through my military service number. He said there are a hell of a lot of Lloyd Michaels in the service. You're the only one that has a wife named Marian."

The unique story echoes the recent reunion of Emilie Danielson and Terry Britton, two college sweethearts who got married after 50 years apart, reports The Orange County Register.