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Linden Ponds Resident Promoted to Professor at Berklee College of Music

April 6, 2015

Hingham, MA -- She has been teaching part time at Berklee College of Music for 18 years as an Associate Professor in the Department of Music Education. Now, Nalora Steele, age 83, of Linden Ponds in Hingham, is a full Professor at the College.

"I feel honored to have been promoted," said Steele. "This is an unusual accomplishment for a part time faculty member. I do love teaching, and I commute from Linden Ponds in Hingham to Boston every week. This is now the top of the Academic ladder and I couldnt be happier or more grateful."

In 2013, Steele was chosen to be Faculty Grand Marshall at the Berklee College of Music Graduation ceremonies. She was one of the speakers, also the first part time faculty member, the first Music Education Department Professor, and the second woman to be chosen for this honor.  In 2012 she received a Dean's Award of Excellence for Innovation in Teaching.

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In her earlier career, as a performer, Steele took part in more than 125 productions with the Opera Company of Boston, Opera New England, the Cambridge Opera, and the American Opera Company, singing with Beverly Sills, Placido Domingo, Renata Tebaldi, Joan Sutherland, and Marilyn Horne. At Linden Ponds she is conductor of the Linden Ponds Singers and a regular co-anchor of "Live at Linden Ponds" at the retirement community's internal TV station.

"I'm really up to 83 but busier than ever," she said. "Between work every week and the shows I am designing and producing at Linden Ponds, I have a very active life and no plans to stop working anytime soon!"

Nalora Steele has earned the following academic degrees: A.A., Kilgore Junior College, B.M., New England Conservatory of Music, and M.M., Boston University, plus accumulated credits in doctoral studies at Boston College.

Linden Ponds is one of 18 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living.  Linden Ponds is situated on a scenic 108-acre campus in Hingham, MA.  The vibrant campus opening in October 2004 and is home to 1,200 people who are enjoying life to the fullest.