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Linden Ponds’ Employees are Working Out…At Work

February 9, 2016

Hingham, MA -- Linden Ponds' employees are working out together at work!

"I work out at Linden Ponds because it's convenient, free and I love the motivation I get from fellow coworkers," said Carmel O'Doherty-Popp, Social Worker, Linden Ponds.  "I have participated in the Zumba, water aerobics and yoga classes which have been offered over the past 2 years.   I love that there is always someone going to the gym and I need that push to motivate me."

"The Fitness Center is free to all staff and we spend time with each person to orient them to the equipment," said Barbara Leary, Fitness Specialist, Linden Ponds.  "We have also offered at different times of year Yoga, Zumba and Water Aerobics all taught by staff.  We have quite a few employees who come in after work to get in shape so it's great they can all work out together."

"I love going to the fitness center at Linden Ponds," said Rhoda Horgan, Executive Assistant, Linden Ponds.  "We all work out together which makes it so much more fun and enjoyable.  And you can't beat the convenience!" 

PHOTO:  Linden Ponds employees working out; from left to right; Rhoda Horgan, Carmel O'Doherty-Popp and Ellen Curran, Practice Administrator, Medical Center, Linden Ponds.

Linden Ponds is a vibrant continuing care retirement community managed by Erickson Living.  The 108-acre campus in Hingham, MASS., is home to more than 1,200, who are enjoying life to the fullest.