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30 Students to Receive Linden Ponds Student Scholarship

May 5, 2014

 Hingham, MA -- Thirty students working at Linden Ponds will participate in the annual Student Scholarship Week, May 3-10, to raise money for the Linden Ponds Student Scholarship Fund.
The Linden Ponds Scholarship Fund is for student employees who plan to attend a college or accredited trade school beginning fall 2014. The students need to have worked at Linden Ponds during their junior and senior year and put in 1000 hours of work. Those students will receive a total of $5,000 over four years of college. The money will be dispersed directly to their schools in $625-per-semester increments, for a maximum of eight semesters or four years.
"Thirty students are eligible for the scholarship this year", said Susan DeMello, Staff Development Manager, Linden Ponds. "Most of the events are free so we hope to raise money by donations, not ticket sales. The students work hard to make this week come together and look forward to it every year. The highlight of Scholarship Week for the residents is the Award Ceremony, when they get to see 'the kids' receive their scholarships."
Events this year include a Car Wash, 5th Annual Spelling Bee, Lip Sync / Karaoke event, Family Feud and then the Award Ceremony.
"Over the past three years I have acquired enough stories from the Overlook Restaurant to fill an entire book," said Laura Lampert, a graduating senior from Hingham. "When I look back at my Linden Ponds experience someday, when I am the same age as the residents I now service, I know I will smile. As I said in my college admissions essay, which was based around my Linden Ponds journey, "this is where my life started."
About Linden Ponds: Linden Ponds is one of 17 continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living. Linden Ponds is situated on a scenic 108-acre campus in Hingham, Massachusetts. The vibrant campus opened in October 2004, and is home to 1,200 people who are enjoying life to the fullest.