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Latest smartphone app helps with medication management

February 22, 2013

Medication management can sometimes be one of the biggest challenges for senior living. In fact, a recent survey by the healthcare company Medco found that an estimated 57 percent of adults 65 and older fail to take their medications at the correct time, which could result in serious health risks. Though there are strategies designed to help seniors and long term care providers manage medication, a new smartphone app may be the best bet.

Known as The Pill Book All-in-One, the app was recently released by Random House and is a good fit for both seniors and caregivers. The helpful program, which is available on the iPhone and the iPod Touch, offers a number of useful functions. Along with providing an easy way to keep track of all the medications a senior takes, it also includes reminders and alarms so that no dosages are missed. In addition, the app contains a considerable amount of detailed information on prescriptions, so caregivers and seniors can be as educated as possible. 

Using apps such as The Pill Book All-in-One is particularly important to healthy aging, because the consequences of misusing medication can be dire. According to statistics from The New York Times, around one-third of adults 65 and older encounter serious side effects from their medication, which range from falls to heart failure to delirium. For families, trouble managing medication may be one of the biggest indicators that an elderly relative should make the transition to an assisted living community.

Assisted living communities help seniors stay healthy as they age without infringing on their level of independence. While healthcare professionals lend a hand with tasks such as taking medication and meal preparation, seniors can still enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle.