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Illinois man, 90, one of the oldest paper boys in the U.S.

August 13, 2013

The job of a paper boy has long gone to young children trying to earn some extra money, but one man in Illinois does not fit the classic mold. Marvin Teel, 90, has been delivering The Benton Evening News through the streets of the small town of Christopher for more than a decade, The Associated Press reported.

Teel, who delivers 40 papers five days a week in all sorts of weather conditions, does not take the easy route and drive his car to his customers' houses. Instead, he hops on his bike and gets some exercise while he's out doing his job. The only days when he chooses not to take his bike is if it's snowing or the roads are particularly icy. Like many seniors, Teel decided to pick up the paper delivery job once he grew tired of retirement. 

"I needed something to do. I've always worked. I feel guilty just sitting around all the time." he told the AP. "I enjoy the exercise."

Although Teel is certainly a paragon of active senior living, he is not the oldest paper boy in the country. That honor goes to a 93-year-old in Winters, Calif. However, he only delivers papers once a week compared to Teel's five-day routine. 

Teel and his paper boy counterpart are not the only seniors who felt they were not cut out for complete retirement. In fact, encore careers have become increasingly popular among older adults. According to figures from Civic Ventures, 9 million adults between the ages of 44 and 70 had an encore career in 2011, with an additional 31 million saying they want to embark on a similar retirement path.