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Highland Springs Residents Receive Statewide Honors for Artwork

May 31, 2017

Dallas, Texas--Two residents of Highland Springs received statewide honors for their artistic talent via the LeadingAge Texas 2017 ArtsInspire™ Contest.

Lynn Tagtmeier, a resident of the Erickson Living retirement community, earned first place in the drawing category for her colored pencil entry, "Little Blue Boy."  

Tom Naylor earned second place in the mixed media category for his entry, "Dance of the Stars."  Both of their pieces were among the finalists featured at an awards reception held on May 21 at the LeadingAge Texas Annual Meeting & Trade Show in Austin.

The ArtsInspire™ contest showcases the artistic talents of residents from retirement communities across the state.  According to LeadingAge Texas, more than two hundred entries were received, judged by a panel of experts including university professors, artists and authors.

Matt Neville serves as the Executive Director of Highland Springs.  "Residents, employees and visitors have always admired the beautiful artwork of Lynn and Tom that is frequently on display at our campus," stated Mr. Neville.  "They truly make our days brighter."

"But Lynn and Tom go above and beyond.  They fulfill our mission by sharing their expertise through teaching, helping fellow residents unleash their artistic talent.  We commend LeadingAge Texas for its vision in sponsoring the contest so that talented artists across the state are recognized and celebrated."

Ms. Tagtmeier's "Little Blue Boy" is a portrayal of a young lad during his "terrible 2's," representing the universal challenges posed for parents.  Her blended color technique highlights the shine in the boy's blonde hair and the texture of the blue denim in his overalls.  She says the joy of pencil drawing "is seeing a 3D image jump off a 2D paper to capture the imagination of the audience."

She gives back to others by teaching a drawing class for fellow residents of Highland Springs called "Drawing With Lynn."

Tom Naylor's "Dance of the Stars" is a mixed media etching, engraving and collagraph inspired by his love of astronomy and his respect for the work of Wassily Kandinsky.  The final print utilized five plate stages and 17 color variances to provide the audience with an untraditional, yet imaginative view of the heavens.  

Mr. Naylor is a computer programmer and systems analyst by trade.  He serves as administrator for, a website that serves as a virtual gallery for residents to display their artwork.  It also includes artist biographies and blogs.

About Highland Springs:  Highland Springs is one of nineteen continuing care retirement communities managed by Erickson Living.  Located in North Dallas, Texas, the scenic 89-acre campus is home to more than 925 residents.  Highland Springs is the ideal greater Dallas retirement destination offering a true sense of community, convenience beyond compare and a sensible financial structure. 

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