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Growing old together: Couple married for 72 years shares tips

July 23, 2014

The moment you took your vows, you agreed to a lifetime with your spouse, through good times and bad. By now, you've both experienced enough in your years together to know what keeps your bond strong and not lose sight of what attracted you to each other in the first place.

For 97-year-old Doris and 98-year-old Francis Vanderslice, it all began one day in junior high school, reported The Huffington Post. They dated, married and just recently celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary this year. Despite all of that time, it's clear the romance hasn't faded one bit. Doris noted to the source that her reaction to seeing Francis for the first time was an exclamation of joy, and years later she explained that she's "still saying it!"

The sentiments don't end there. According to the news network, Francis recently surprised his wife with a loving note and a can that had remained on their car bumper throughout their entire honeymoon so long ago. They now live in an assisted living community in Florida and are more in love than ever. So what's their secret? The pair offered two tips to the source for keeping a happy, healthy marriage: "do things together and make decisions together."

Do things together
The pair agreed that they like to do things as a team, and they were on to something. According to CNN, a successful relationship typically includes shared hobbies, as it's a way for the duo to connect and have fun together as a team. For Francis and Doris, these hobbies were things like traveling and eating at restaurants, The Huffington Post reported. Whatever it is that interests both of you, set aside time to do it together. When you see your spouse as a fun companion, it strengthens the bond that you've already worked so hard to build and maintain.

Make decisions together
The couple also stressed to the news network the importance of making decisions together - another way of showing that you're both on the same team. Communication is crucial to a healthy relationship. CNN reported that setting aside some time every week to talk about decisions, namely ones that apply to your finances, can help keep the peace. Once you're on the same page, you get closer and you're more likely to be understanding the next time there's a discrepancy. Include your partner when weighing the pros and cons of a situation, whether or not it directly involves them. Since you're a pair, your spouse will appreciate the consideration and this effort will set the stage for a lifetime of happiness.