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Former Greenspring scholarship winner returns to help award a record-breaking 53 scholarships totaling $485,000

June 17, 2016

Annual Scholars Award Ceremony

Greenspring's Hunters Crossing Conference Center

Wednesday, May 25, 2016/7:30 p.m.


On Wednesday, May 25, 2016, Greenspring will host family, friends, residents, staff, and local school officials for the presentation of 47 Scholars Fund scholarships and five donor endowed scholarships. In attendance will be former scholarship winner Molly Everett who returned to Greenspring last year to serve as the community's philanthropy coordinator. In this position she's helped raise a record-breaking $485,000 in awards.

"I'm coming full circle to give back to something that gave so much to me," said Molly, who worked for five years as a dining associate before graduating from the University of Mary Washington last May.

This year, Greenspring residents and staff members donated $485,000 to the Greenspring Scholars' Fund, more than any other previous year, and surpassing last year's donations by almost 50%. Since the Scholar's Fund began in 1999, generous Greenspring residents have raised $3 million dollars in support of more than 250 exemplary high school employees who demonstrate a commitment to serving the Greenspring community.

Students eligible for a Greenspring Scholar's Fund scholarship must work at least 1000 hours at the community during their junior and senior years of high school, achieve satisfactory grades, and maintain a disciplinary record free of adverse actions at their high school.  Eligible students must plan on attending a college or professional school full time in the fall.

"The Scholar's Fund is so important because it demonstrates the pride we have in our young people, says community member Sally Pritchett, the chair of the Philanthropy Committee. "These students are so full of life and so kind to all of us it would be hard not to participate in the program."

In addition to the 47 Scholars Fund scholarships, five students will receive donor-designated scholarships as part of Greenspring's educational endowments. For the second consecutive year Margaret O'Meara, a Communications Studies major at Virginia Tech, will receive the Steve and Renie Guback Scholarship ($5,000), awarded annually to a student focusing on a major or minor in communications, including, but not limited to, the fields of journalism and public relations. As winner, O'Meara will be required to perform 150 hours of volunteer service at Greenspring's Channel 6 television studio.

Helen Weldemichael and Joshua Toth will each receive The Victor N. Coleman Scholarship ($2000) awarded to students attending a community college or technical school. Joshua Toth and Menahil Rauf will receive The Kathryn Coleman Scholarship ($3,000) awarded to students studying accounting.

Joining the students, their families, and the Greenspring community at the ceremony, Maribeth Luftglass, Assistant Superintendent of the Fairfax County School Board, whose father lives at Greenspring, will assist in the presentation of the awards on May 25th.

2016 Greenspring Scholarship Winners

Student Name                                    School

Salem Ergetie                                    Robert E. Lee High School

Marcelle Popal                                   Robert E. Lee High School

Abdullah Abdelhalim                        West Springfield High School

Ananda Poudel                                   Annandale High School

Michelle Park                                     West Springfield High School

Gunim Elkhebri                                  Hayfield Secondary

Lindsey Kim                                       West Springfield High School

Daniel Zoccoli-Rodriguez                  Robert E. Lee High School

Kayanat Tanveer                                Robert E. Lee High School

Shady Fahal                                        Hayfield Secondary

John Harvey                                        Hayfield Secondary

Trent Silva                                          Hayfield Secondary

Elizabeth Oliver                                 Hayfield Secondary

Nebiy Ogbamicael                              Hayfield Secondary

Melissa Yeboah                                  West Springfield High School

Sami Beshir                                        Hayfield Secondary

Toka Morsy                                        West Springfield High School

Tauseef Manj                                      Robert E. Lee High School

Joshua Toth                                        Toth Academy

Claudia Flores Romero                      Robert E. Lee High School

Negus Assefa                                      Robert E. Lee High School

Hunter Fetterolf                                  Robert E. Lee High School

Mohamed Kamoul                              Hayfield Secondary

Usama Abid                                        South County High School

Troy Hoffman                                     Hayfield Secondary

Sobia Choudhry                                  Robert E. Lee High School

Farhaj Murshed                                  Hayfield Secondary

Isaac Kyei-Mensah                             Hayfield Secondary

Nicholas Cata                                     South County High School

Brianna Ahmad                                  West Springfield High School

Victoria Bangura                                Woodbridge Senior High School

Omar Abdelhalim                               West Springfield High School

Abigail Vanessa Poroj                        Lake Braddock Secondary School

King Nsiah                                          Hayfield Secondary

Atta Gyebi, Jr.                                     Hayfield Secondary

Darwin Quiroz-Dorado                       Robert E. Lee High School

Atifa Hameed                                      Robert E. Lee High School

Ahmed Mahmoud                               South County High School

Donia Hossain                                    Marshall High School

Quan Hossain                                     Robert E. Lee High School

Fabiola Ossio                                     Robert E. Lee High School

Betelehem Fekadu                             Hayfield Secondary

Menna Kassa                                     Hayfield Secondary

Essey Abebe                                      Hayfield Secondary

Roba Katemtou                                  Lake Braddock Secondary School

Ashli Hill                                           Hayfield Secondary

Kerim Idris                                        Annandale High School