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Get the most out of your smartphone with these apps

April 11, 2013

Smartphones can be a big help in everyday life, but if you're not using yours to its full potential, it's going to waste. As a result, finding and downloading the most helpful apps is of the utmost importance, and there are several in particular that are well-suited to senior living, USA Today reports.

For starters, AARP's app is one of the most cost-effective. Aside from being free, the program gives you an easy place to read the organization's latest news from its numerous publications and also helps you find discounts and other money saving tips, which makes it a pretty good return on investment.

Apps can also play a significant role in healthy aging, according to the publication. Seniors searching for nutrition tips may want to look into downloading Grocery iQ. In addition to offering an easy place to comprise a shopping list, the free app can also help you find the healthiest food for your money.

Sudoku Daily and Words With Friends are two other programs that can help you follow a healthy lifestyle for seniors. The two popular apps not only help keep your mind sharp, but can assist in connecting you to friends and family as well.