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Fun fall activities you can enjoy with your grandkids

October 8, 2014

Fall is the perfect season for family activities. The weather allows for loads of fun outdoors without the worry of overheating or getting too cold. Some of the best bonding time can be spent baking a seasonal pie or making art out of pumpkins and leaves. Plan for some quality time with your grandkids this weekend and try some of these fun fall activities that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Play in the foliage
It's not truly fall for your grandchildren until they're able to jump into a manmade mountain of colorful leaves. Rake them into a small pile or, if you'd rather, encourage them to compile the leaves themselves, and watch as their imaginations take over. As they skip and roll around in the heap of leaves they created, have them pick out some of their favorites, and ask why they chose certain ones.

Make leafy arts and crafts
Jumping in piles of leaves isn't the only fun activity you can do with the foliage. Help your little loved ones take their favorites and turn them into art. Those that aren't as brittle and dull are best for activities like leaf pressing and sketching. The Creative Bug blog recommended turning their favorite leaf into a pretty decoration. Since the activity requires an iron, you should do most of the actual pressing. Put a towel down on your ironing board and place a sheet of wax paper on top of it. Arrange a few leaves on the paper and sandwich them with another sheet. Cover the whole thing with another towel and press the iron over it slowly and smoothly. Let it cool, trim around the edges, punch a hole through the top of it, and hang with a ribbon. It's a fun, quick fall activity that gives your grandchildren a souvenir they can take home with them as a reminder of the day!

Pick apples and pumpkins
Spend a nice afternoon breathing in the crisp, fall air at a pumpkin patch or apple orchard with your grandchildren. They'll love the time spent running around outside and carrying around their favorite fruits and plants. Everyone will benefit from the exercise and the fresh produce that you get from the activity. Make sure to snap pictures of the little ones with their new treasures that they picked themselves.

Bake fall snacks
There are tons of yummy baked goods and savory dishes for healthy aging that incorporate the fruits of the fall. Call on the help of the little ones to prepare some of their favorite foods that use up some of the apples and pumpkins that they spent time picking. They'll be able to see exactly what goes into putting food on the table, from harvesting the food themselves to preparing it for you and your guests. Try a warm apple crisp or a tasty pumpkin swirl that they can bring home with them to Mom and Dad.

Decorate pumpkins
If you have any leftover pumpkins from your time at the patch, turn some of them into playful creatures. Give your grandchildren some paint and brushes and let them decorate them as they see fit. If they're stuck, suggest that they paint seasonal artwork, like a witch or a cat face, onto their pumpkin. You can also help them carve designs into their pumpkins, and even bake the seeds afterward. Just make sure that you're the only one with the carving knife. Let them get involved by giving them pencils and stenciling supplies so they can draw their own design. They can also help scoop out the guts and seeds when you're finished carving.