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Twenty-Two High School Students from Oakland County, MI, Receive Sholarships from Fox Run Residents' Fundraising

June 7, 2013

NOVI, MI (June 7, 2013) --  Twenty-two high school students from Oakland County have received scholarships from the Fox Run retirement community, where they have worked part-time. They today received a combined total of $220,000 raised by Fox Run residents during the past two months to show their appreciation of the students' work and to help assist them financially in their post-secondary education.
These students work for at least two years during which time they are trained, mentored, and cared for by the 1000 residents who become surrogate grandparents to them.
This year's scholarship recipients (with their respective high schools) are:
Kyle Balog-Walled Lake Western High School; Bridget Baxter-Southfield Christian; Edward Bledsoe-Southfield Christian School; Lauren Brown-Novi High School; Nicole Cervin-Walled Lake Central; Bridget Coleman-Walled Lake Central; Andrew Conner-Walled Lake Central; Leland Davenport-Walled Lake Western; Savera Duty-Walled Lake Western; Kaityln Dowen-Walled Lake Northern; Blake Isaacs-North Farmington High School; Christina Karagozian-Walled Lake Western; Danielle Kay-Walled Lake Western; Erica Kidwell-Novi High School; Julia Kosky-Walled Lake Central; Alana Lieberman-Walled Lake Central; Mackenzie Miron-Walled Lake Northern; Mackenzie Parsons-Walled Lake Western; Morgan Schilling-Walled Lake Central; Alexis Vercellino-Walled Lake Western; Jennifer Zavalnitskaya-Walled Lake Central and Shelby Lonnerstater-Walled Lake Western.
Not only do students receive scholarships at the end of their tenure at Fox Run, but residents build relationships with them, ask them about school, and encourage them to keep working hard. Residents are good role models for the young adults and serve as examples for what a good education can do for one's life.
 More than $800,000 in scholarship monies since 2004 has been awarded to students who work part-time at Fox Run, which is managed and developed by Erickson Living.