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New Fox Run TV Show Takes Residents "Off the Beaten Path"

October 17, 2016

NOVI, MI (October 17, 2016) – A new Fox Run closed-circuit TV show is taking the retirement community's residents "off the beaten path," so-to-speak, in and around the City of Novi, Michigan.


"Tom & Geri's Travels" is produced by Channel 813 and is co-hosted by resident Geri Angel, a former trainer in early childhood education, and Tom Hollinshead, a community resources coordinator in the Resident Life Department. Their quirky on-air chemistry and their knack for finding unusual human interest stories are what drive the show.


This month's show features guest Michigan State Representative Kathy Crawford taking viewers on a tour of the Novi Cemetery to see obscure, cleverly-worded tombstone epitaphs. A recent show gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Michigan War Dog Memorial, a nonprofit organization dedicated to recognizing the sacrifices of our nation's four-legged warriors that is located in South Lyon.


Future segments of "Tom & Geri's Travels" will take viewers to a veterinary hospital in Orion Township (with a side trip to a barn to see newborn goats and lambs) and to the Novi Recycling Center. Another future show will explore every hidden nook and cranny of Twelve Oaks Mall.


"We want our show to be entertaining as well as educational," said Angel. "Additionally, we want to form a stronger bond between our campus and the City of Novi."


Angel and Hollinshead research the locations of film shoots and then talk about what they want to emphasize during a particular show. "We do not have written scripts, but, do have a general idea of how we want the show to flow," said Hollinshead. "We practice good listening skills and use what our guests say to carry on conversations with them."  


TV station manager Richard Coulter said he enjoys producing "Tom & Geri's Travels" because the taping of it is always it is fun. "We want to encourage residents to get out and explore the surrounding community," he said.


Angel, who one hosted a pet show on channel 813, said viewer response is greatly appreciated. "It is gratifying when residents tell us they learned something, or they enjoyed what we have presented," she said. "When they ask us to do more shows, we know we are doing the right thing."