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Marilyn Schueneman Puts Her Theology Degree to Good Use at Fox Run Retirement Community in Novi, MI

January 8, 2015

NOVI, MI (January 6, 2014) -- For Marilyn Schueneman, retirement has hardly been a time for slowing down. After ending a long career in education and government, at the age of 64, Marilyn decided to fulfill one of her lifelong passions by earning a master's degree in theology. As a preacher's daughter, Marilyn had long been interested in religion.

"I just thought, I love to read and study this stuff, so I am going to go to seminary," Marilyn recalls of her bold decision to return to school later in life.

Marilyn studied at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio and earned her master's degree at the age of 69. She has found a number of interesting opportunities to put her master's degree to good use at Fox Run retirement community.

Marilyn hosts a show on Fox Run's in-house television station called Conversations of Faith. Past shows have explored Judaica, the rosary and Christian symbolism, and she had docents from a local Holocaust museum as the guests on one show. She also did a three-month series on church music that started with psalms and went all the way up to the rock band U2.

"The best thing I ever heard was when walking through one of the dining rooms, and a 21-year-old staff member stopped me and said he watched the program," Marilyn says. "I thought that was great."

In addition to her popular show, Marilyn, who lives at Fox Run with her husband Ray, is also a member of the community's interdenominational council, and she writes a bimonthly newsletter for Protestant residents. She preaches at Fox Run's Wednesday evening interfaith services and belongs to the hand bell choir.