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Halloween Show at Fox Run Leaves 'Em Laughing

November 2, 2015

NOVI, MI (November 2, 2015)  – Costumed Fox Run retirement community staff participated in 90-minute Halloween Show for the entertainment of more than 100 residents who attended. Residents and staff modeled their respective Halloween costumes for prior to the show.

The Dining Team won the group performance with its skit on the Presidential Debates. The Resident Life Team won the Executive Director's Award for its "Wizard of Oz" skit. Both groups received a celebratory lunch off-campus for their prizes.

Megan Smith and Caren Fifer emceed the event, and Rick Coulter and Peggy Mather were the driving forces behind-the-scenes to make it happen.

"This showed that we have a sense of humor and put 'sharing our gifts' on display," said Executive Director Mike McCormick (aka Wilma Flintstone). "The laughter and smiles on the residents' faces said it all. Plus it was fun for all of us who participated. "