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Grandfathers Build a Grandfather Clock to Benefit Fox Run's Benevolent Care

April 15, 2014

NOVI, MI (April 16, 2014) - Eight grandfathers are now building a vintage grandfather clock at Fox Run retirement community to benefit the community's Benevolent Care Fund. They have been working on the grandfather clock in the community's Hobby Shop for the past month and hope to complete it by May 1.
The grandfather clock weighs 75 pounds and is 81 inches high, 28 inches wide and 16 inches deep. It is made of cherry wood and will have a medium brown finish. It has precision German-made mechanisms.
The Fox Run residents work in sporadic shifts. They are now sanding and staining the grandfather clock's wood.
The grandfather clock's retail price, according to resident hobbyist Don Boufford is $4,000. The grandfather clock will be auctioned at this summer's Gala to raise money for Fox Run's Benevolent Care Fund.
"We hope to raise a few thousand dollars with this clock," said Boufford.