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Fox Run's Medical Director Offers Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

March 3, 2015

NOVI, MI  (March 3, 2015) -- Eating the right types of foods can help contribute to lower stroke risk and decreased blood pressure. There are a number of nutrients you can benefit from and can also help lead to healthy aging and improved memory care. Exercise is important too.

Dr. Vrinda Suneja, the Medical Director for Fox Run retirement community in Novi, MI, offers the following tips to a healthy lifestyle during March National Nutrition Month:

Foods To Eat:

 Fruits and Veggies: Choose whole, antioxidant rich items that are color-rich.

 Calcium: Bone health is extremely important to seniors, so 1,200 mg of calcium are necessary for maintaining bone strength.

 Grains: Choose whole grains rather than processed white flour for more nutrients and fiber.

 Protein: Eat the appropriate amount of protein depending on your weight, and choose items from varying selections.


 Aerobic exercises: At least 2.5 hours a week of moderate to vigorous exercise to increase heart rate.

 Strength exercises: Strength sessions up to twice a week will improve posture and balance.

 Being older, it is important for seniors to start slowly, and be aware of limits as to not over-exert themselves.

 Physical activity is beneficial to senior health, but can also be a great way to add social time to the day.