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Fox Run's Doris Fell is a Logistically Pragmatic Community Service Volunteer

June 2, 2014

NOVI, MI (June 2, 2014) - Doris Fell's retirement logistical pragmatism is helping her remain an active volunteer in southeast Michigan.
A lifelong community service worker, she is now using the second bedroom in her Fox Run apartment in Novi as an office to work on her volunteer and nonprofit board duties.
Fell volunteers as a home missionary for the American Baptist Church, and she has been a member of the Detroit Baptist Union for about 15 years.
She also serves on the board of the MetroHealth Foundation, an organization that provides grants to small inner-city clinics. She has been involved with the foundation for 30 years.
Fell is a member of the American Baptist Church and worked in her church's community centers in Boston, Massachusetts, and Dayton, Ohio. She then went on to serve as the director of Friendship House in Detroit, Michigan.
"The centers developed when people were immigrating to this country, and the American Baptist churches would help people get involved in their new communities and find jobs," she said. "Then we felt there was a need for childcare when women were just beginning to go to work, so we developed a large childcare program and launched many other activities."
When she is not volunteering Fell has found time to take several cruises along the American coastlines.