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Fox Run Residents Venture Into Crestron Audio Visual System Technology

April 14, 2016

NOVI, MI (April 14, 2016) – Fox Run retirement community residents are learning new technology each day, it seems.


The latest piece of technology they are venturing into is a Crestron audio visual system that has been installed in one of the classrooms. The high-tech "black box," as some residents call it, can be used to play movies on a big screen, stream YouTube videos, give presentations, and much more.


Residents can easily connect their laptops or thumb drives to the Crestron system to access content they want to share with friends, neighbors, or fellow club members.


"I am an Amazon Prime member, and I can go there and show my Prime movies in that classroom," said Geri Angel. "Say one of the religious groups wants to show a religious program from YouTube; they can just pull that up and do it. It's just amazing. Once the residents really figure out how to use it, the possibilities are going to be limitless."


Geri says the resident light and sound committee has been trained on the Crestron technology, and they are available to give tutorials to other residents and club leaders.


Residents can use the system to facilitate Fox Run activities or for personal use.


"A family could even use it for a 90th birthday party, say if somebody does a DVD of Grandma and they want to show it at the party," Geri says. "All they need to do is ask for permission to sign the key out."


Fox Run residents routinely use Facebook, Skype, YouTube and Twitter to keep in touch with family and friends and/or navigate their way through the vast Information Age.


There's always a friendly neighbor or a tech-savvy staff member to help trouble-shoot computer problems. Residents don't even need to have their own laptops because there's an on-site computer lab.


In addition, residents who volunteer to work in the in-house TV studio learn how to use video cameras and other production equipment.