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Fox Run Residents Operate Their Own TV Studio

November 8, 2013

NOVI, MI (November 8, 2013) - Fox Run residents are operating a fully-functioning, closed circuit  television studio out of their Novi, MI, retirement community, producing original content on-site, shooting and then editing the film to make professional-grade video.
Under the guidance of Michael O'Hara and Richard Coulter, the Community TV Coordinators at Fox Run, the residents produce three live shows each week, as well as documentaries, interview segments and other community programming on Channel 13.
"The residents are really passionate about being involved in the programming," O'Hara said. "They enjoy having an input into what they watch on Channel 13.  I think there is more appreciation community wide knowing that residents worked hard to air programs that they want to see...programs for residents, by residents"
As many as 30 residents participate in TV Studio programs and other events requiring Audio/Visual support throughout the community. Residents serve as hosts, camera operators, audio technicians, floor directors and technical directors  --  a job is there for anyone, regardless of experience in the television industry. 
Viewers enjoy watching their friends on the silver screen, perhaps explaining why the station is so popular throughout the Fox Run community, which has over 1,000 residents.                 
Carolyn Schooley, a Fox Run resident, delivers the weather in front of the green screen and closes with her now famous tag line "I'm Carolyn Schooley and that's the weather...whether you like it or not."             
Residents volunteering at the TV station appreciate the freedom they are given to do what needs doing and fix what needs fixing in order to keep the station running smoothly. 
Three of the TV stations regular resident volunteers recently gave the station the ability to tape anywhere in the world, even out of this world, by creating a full green screen.  Jack Beggs, Gene Wozniak and Dick Miles designed and built a three-piece green screen that allows the studio to change the background to virtually any picture or video imaginable. 
Along with the weather and other segments, the green screen is used on every live show to give viewers a peek of Fox Run's backyard.