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Fox Run Residents Learn About Muslim Culture

September 19, 2016

NOVI, MI ( September 19, 2016) – Fox Run's Unity in the Community Committee this month learned more about the Muslim culture by visiting the Muslim Unity Center of Bloomfield Hills, sampling food at Ishtar Iraqi market, sponsoring an "Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World" exhibit, and lunching at Ayla Mediterranean restaurant.


The 18-member committee's activities were open to all residents and staff. It decided to explore Muslim culture after speaking with several Muslim employees and being fascinated the family stories they shared.


The trip to the Muslim Unity Center included an interactive presentation by Imam Shaykh Mohamed Almasmari, who gave an overview of Sharia. The committee toured of the room for prayer before departing. 


"As members of our group were removing their shoes before entering the room several children attending summer camp came out and wanted to meet and greet us," said Noni St. Amand. "This allowed for more interaction with members of the center's staff."


The Imam said he will come to Fox Run in the near future to be a guest on "Interfaith Dialogue," a closed-circuit TV show hosted by Marilyn Schueneman.

The visit to Ishtar Market allowed committee members to sample fresh foods, natural foods, and spices. "The spices were tantalizing," said St. Amand. "The warm, fresh breads and rolls were mouth-watering, and the array of unusual foods were so tempting that we couldn't resist purchasing a variety of items."   


The market will. hopefully, soon become a regular shuttle bus stop for Fox Run residents and staff.


The Unity in the Community Committee recommends the following resources for learning more about Muslim culture:

Breuilly, O'Brien, &  Palmer, "Religions of the world: the illustrated guide to Origins, Beliefs, Traditions, and Festivals"Mileham, Rebecca, "1001 Inventions and Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization"Morris, Neil, "The Atlas of Islam: People, Daily Life and Traditions"Umar, Mustafa, "Welcome to Islam: a Step-by-Step Guide"