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Fox Run Residents Form Political Awareness Committee

December 18, 2012

NOVI, MI (December 18, 2012) -- George Fulkerson, who spent his career as an attorney, has long had an interest in politics. In fact, many years ago, he threw his own hat into the political ring. In 1960, he was the Democratic nominee for prosecuting attorney, and in 1962 he ran for the U.S. Congress.
About six years ago, Fulkerson retired from his law practice, although he still does a bit of work for former clients and their families. About the same time, he moved to Fox Run in Novi, Mich. He soon found many friends and neighbors who share his interest in politics.
Fox Run has long hosted candidates for elected office who come to speak to residents during their campaigns. Recently, Fox Run residents decided to formalize their involvement with politics by forming their own Political Awareness Committee.
With his background in law and politics, and interest in current affairs, Fulkerson says the newly-formed club piqued his interest. "When I saw they were going to form a political awareness committee, I was all for it," he says.
There are currently nine members on the committee, which meets at least twice monthly, and as needed when planning special events. Fulkerson says Democrats and Republicans are represented equally on the committee, and there is a non-voting member who serves as a liaison to a larger resident-run committee that works with staff to organize all on-campus clubs and activities.
Fulkerson says the mission of the political awareness committee isn't to espouse a certain set of views, but rather to provide residents with the information they need to be informed voters.