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Fox Run Residents and Staff Celebrate Their Ethnic Heritage

July 5, 2016

NOVI, MI (July 5, 2016) – Fox Run residents and staff – who represent more than 18 nations -- celebrated their ethnic heritage this past week during a "Coming to America" fest. The event featured speakers, informative displays and cuisine that highlighted religious and cultural diversity at the retirement community. The event was jointly sponsored by the resident Unity in the Community group and the staff Erickson Values Team.


A table display of each nation had a placard with a map and photo.  Residents and staff brought clothing, pictures, books, artifacts, and food that represented their respective nation. Each resident and staff member was videotaped for a program that will air this month on Fox Run's in-house cable TV station.

The following nations were represented: Scotland, Ghana, Malaysia, Norway, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Italy, England, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, India, Lebanon, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, China, the Philippines, Turkey, and Austria. Everyone chatted and enjoyed sharing stories.  Books were reviewed, videotapes were watched, and food was sampled. 

"Where people were born and the culture into which they were first introduced was a seminal event in their lives" said resident Marilyn Schueneman. "This event was a great way for people to learn more about their neighbors."


The two sponsoring groups plan to hold a series in late summer and early fall about Muslim culture. Several films will be shown and visits to the Muslim Community Center and a Middle-Eastern restaurant will be held.