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Fox Run Receives High Marks on its Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey

March 1, 2012

NOVI, MI (March 1, 2012) -- Fox Run retirement community in Novi, MI, has received high marks on its annual resident satisfaction survey. The community, which is managed by Erickson Living,  scored 90 percent overall satisfaction from its nearly 1,000 residents, which is the top ranking among all Erickson communities.
"2011 was a banner year at Fox Run," Executive Director Michael McCormick said. "There's no coincidence that our resident satisfaction is the highest ever and our occupancy is the strongest in the history of Fox Run." Staff puts stock in residents' feedback, he said.
Each year, Fox Run's administration works in conjunction with its nine-member Resident Advisory Council to poll residents about their level of satisfaction in a number of categories, from food quality to appearance of grounds to friendliness of staff.
Bill Moran moved from Dearborn, MI, to Fox Run in 2004. He chairs the Resident Advisory Council. Moran said Fox Run uses the Holleran report, a standardized polling form used by retirement communities around the country. The annual resident satisfaction survey asks community members to rank Fox Run on a variety of metrics and also provides an opportunity for them to give feedback in a written narrative.
"The [Holleran] form itself, once you take those numbers and read the narratives, gives you some reliability across communities," Moran said. "Whenever I talk to people at Fox Run, the overall feeling is that this is a great place to live."
Fox Run scored highly in a number of areas. The community's top-rated factor was "landscaping and grounds are attractive and kept clean." Fox Run scored 97 percent on that metric.
Ninety-one percent of Fox Run residents said  the staff is "competent and good at what they do," and 90 percent said the staff "responds promptly and effectively to complaints or inquiries."
"The people who head up food service, the medical staff, the social workers---they all do quite an amazing job," said Moran. "The number of great people they hire here astounds me."
Perhaps most important, 96 percent of resident respondents said  they would recommend Fox Run to a friend.
"Word of mouth is our best advertiser, and our happy residents are most definitely telling their friends about the amazing lifestyle and amenities they enjoy at Fox Run," McCormick said.